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Publications and Presentations

Dr. Ciardiello ​has been presenting at the national and international level on group work with youth since 1998. She has published two books on ACTivity Centered Therapy (ACT) groups for youth.  In 2003, "ACTivities for group work with school age children" was published by MAR*CO PRODUCTS to provide group workers and other mental health professionals with tools to facilitate, monitor, and evaluate group practice with children.  Over 50 ACTivities are included in the book to use during each stage of group development to help children cope and enhance group cohesion, cooperation, and teamwork.  In 2012, "ACTivities for group work with adolescents" was published by MAR*CO PRODUCTS to provide group workers and other mental health professionals with a manual on the use of activities considering the stage of group development to help adolescents cope and enhance their social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral competencies.  An intake form, a group note, and measures to monitor and evaluate group practice are included.  Also, over 60 ACTivities are provided such as "Loss vs. Lost" that teaches adolescents about the stages of grief and "Self Talk Walk" that teaches adolescents how to challenge their Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) with Positive Alternative Thoughts (PATs), (PAT their ANTS!), to help them cope with stress and worry.  Many of the ACTivities can be used in individual counseling and coaching as well to help clients with time management, self-esteem, coping with anger, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, social cruelty, friendship building, and communication and assertiveness skills.

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